Fire RID – Innovative Fire Extinguisher!

This is an innovative fire extinguisher that is revolutionary in both the design and the working principles, Certified with EN (European Nation) and UL (Under Writers Laboratories) Standards. It comes in the form of a glass cylinder filled with a chemical solution that activates automatically at elevated temperatures in case of fire. This unit is a scientifically advanced, automated fire fighting solution, highly effective in extinguishing fire. The content of the solution is non-toxic and eco-friendly chemical filled in a Bohemian glass that automatically activates at elevated temperatures 84°C extinguishing fire in its initial phase. In this way, This unit saves lives, expensive properties and items from major damages. This unit has a different set of working principles from conventional extinguisher in that the former can function in an automatic mode, manual throwing and diluting with water. This unit can be called the “three-in-one” innovative extinguisher. What sets this unit apart is that it is stylish, simple to install, requires less maintenance and is less space consuming as compared to other conventional fire extinguishers

Advantages :

  1. High efficiency on class A, B, C, E and K types of fire
  2. 10 years warranty
  3. No refilling cost
  4. Easy to install & simple to used.
  5. Can be used in 3 ways. Automatic mode/ Manual throwing / diluting with water.
  6. Diluting with water enhancing its power as well as multiplies it’s effect
  7. It prevents re-ignition
  8. No collateral damages
  9. Very small in size & require minimal place to install.
  10. Aesthetic looks & very stylish from interior décor perspective.
  11. Work in extreme weather conditions (-23° C to + 70°C)
  12. Does not need to lay down a cable, power supply or water pipe
  13. Doesn’t require any maintenance for 10 years.
  14. It works 24 X 7 & can be used simply in case of panic situation.
  15. Doesn’t cause any damage in electrical systems, machines etc.
  16. Environment-friendly& Non-toxic on humans and other organisms
  17. The special glass based fire extinguisher breaks into pieces without edges.

Extra benefit :

1) Free replacement during warranty period: – Free replacement of fire extinguishers if found any manufacturing defect during the warranty period of Ten years, provided there should not be any damage to Fire extinguishers.

2) Saving Refilling Cost: – No need of refilling every year unlike have to do currently with other brand available in market. So every year your organization saving refilling cost.

3) Maximum Warranty: – Warranty of Ten years, which is highest in industries, For more details see the warranty card

4) Warranty Card: – Warranty card along with terms & condition are provided. so that customer is well aware of what they are getting in warranty period

5) Efficiency/Originality: – Since refilling does not require every year efficiency/originality are maintained year on year for the next ten year.

6) Aesthetic Looks: – High aesthetic value which makes “Fire Rid” blend with the classiest of interiors and surroundings. This is very important because you can place “Fire Rid” in prominent positions- constantly reminding you of the available fire fighting power, at the time need most.

7) More power to Extinguishing Liquid: – The extinguishing liquid when mixed with water multiplies its effect. Environment- friendly & has a non-toxic effect on humans and other organisms.


Fire RID Technical Specifications